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Your Premium Mobile Carwash Service


Eliminate long queues, appointments and high prices with our app. Our app allows you to schedule and monitor your washes. Your next car wash is just a touch away! EWash is the smarter way to wash your car. Let the carwash studio come to your doorstep. You will never have to travel or make a phone call for your carwash again.


Our cleaning solution breaks down the dirt particles and lifts them away from the surface of the car paint. They are then extracted with a microfiber cloth which absorbs the particles. The cleaning process also leaves behind a hard-protective wax. The wax protects against the weather elements, bird droppings and dirt particles. Rest assured your car is in good hands when you wash with us!


Our waterless carwash method uses just one cup of water to clean a car, this is little compared to an average petrol station carwash that uses over 140 litres of water. Our waterless solution is also made to perform and excel in Singapore’s humid tropical climate. It lifts, dissolves, cleans and protects any car surface.

it cleans better than water, without wasting any water

Our waterless solution is different from the other vehicle cleaning solutions on the market. It is made to perform and excel in Singapore’s humid tropical climate. The solution has also been tested by Singapore’s top authoritative institutions: TUV, SUD & PSB. IT has a PH value of 7, making it safe for vehicle paint.

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ingredient 1

The surfactant: it dissolves and lift dirt particles from the vehicle paint surface.

ingredient 2

The lifting agent that concentrates dirt particles into liquid droplets, making extracting dirt from the paint surface easy.

Ingredient 3

The lubricant that prevents the formation of micro-scratches during the cleaning process.

Ingredient 4

The protective layer of Carnauba wax protects against discoloration by UV light, watermarks, swirling marks and bird droppings.

waterless car wash

Certified by TUV, EWash Waterless car wash is an environmental friendly way of keeping your car clean and shiny at your doorstep!

polish & wax

Polish and wax for your car is essential, conventional polish and wax at workshop takes up too much of your precious time, let EWash serve your vehicle at your comfort.

our pricing

there's always a package that suits your car the most

  • Waterless Car Wash - x12
  • Vacuum&Deodorisation - x4
  • Pest Control - x1
  • SGD 278

  • Waterless Car Wash - x24
  • Vacuum&Deodorisation - x8
  • Pest Control - x1
  • SGD 568

  • Waterless Car Wash - x12
  • Vacuum&Deodorisation - x4
  • Pest Control - x1
  • Polish & Wax - x1
  • SGD 458

  • Waterless Car Wash - 24
  • Vacuum&Deodorisation - x8
  • Pest Control - x1
  • Polish & Wax - x2
  • Leather Care - x1
  • SGD 828

  • Waterless Car Wash - x64
  • Vacuum&Deodorisation - x24
  • Liquid Glass Coating - x1
  • Pest Control - x2
  • Leather Care - x2
  • Valet Car Inspection - x1
  • Tyre Inflation - x12
  • Wiper Change- x2
  • Wipe Fluid Topping - x12
  • SGD 1788

  • Waterless Car Wash - x104
  • Vacuum&Deodorisation - x24
  • Liquid Glass Coating - x1
  • Pest Control - x2
  • Leather Care - x2
  • Valet Car Inspection - x1
  • Tyre Inflation - x12
  • Wiper Change - x2
  • Wipe Fluid Topping - x12
  • SGD 2888


MOM circuit breaker

1ST AUG 2020

we are back!

Ewash has already resumed all its services in the HDB carparks. You can buy our packages on this website or refer to our friendly customer service officer @ 98986058 if you need help deciding.

MOM circuit breaker

6TH APR 2020

notice for suspension of car washing at residential carpark

In view of the recent Circuit Beaker measures, EWash will be suspending our residential car-grooming services with effect from 7th April 2020 to 4th May 2020 (inclusive). Services which include car washing, polishing and waxing, pest control (fumigation), 3M car paint protection coating and vacuuming will all be affected. However, please note that Vehicle Disinfection and Sterilization Services will continue as usual.

Image is not available

5TH FEB 2020

disinfection, vacuuming and deodorisation

Cleaning every surface with 75% medical Ethanol,
Chloroxyfenol and Hydrogen Peroxide to sufficiently kill the virus.

Image is not available

30TH JAN 2020


Disinfecting job for Unicorn Limo in action, armed with goggles, surgical masks, disposable gloves and a high grade disinfection solution.

Image is not available

28TH JAN 2020

As the largest on-site car cleaning company in Singapore, we are equipped to fight alongside you to prevent the coronavirus from infecting you and your loved ones. Our mobile team is ready to clean up and sterilise your cars of all possible viruses and germs.

Image is not available

15TH OCT 2019

demo service for Continental Singapore’s electric self-driving vehicle - CUbE

Image is not available

14TH OCT 2019

SAFRA carefest 2019

Powered by SAFRA CareFest, EWash joined the annual Swim for Hope 2019 charity event and provided waterless car wash service to the families who participated in the event.

Image is not available

21ST AUG 2019

ewash x hilife @ vue 8 residence

Joined with HiLife at the HiLife app launch party held at Vue 8 Residence. We are honoured to be onboard with Singapore’s first smart lifestyle app and to provide quality services for the residents of Vue 8, bringing convenience to the doorstep.

Image is not available

25TH JAN 2019

capital 95.8 FM live interview

Dr. Joseph was invited to attend Capital 95.8 FM live studio broadcast interview - 乐活新世代, where he shares about EWash’s products, service, mobile app and answers some of the most frequently asked questions posed by the public.

Image is not available

20TH JAN 2019

interview with TODAYonline newspaper

”Singaporean scientist-engineer devises waterless car wash solution“

Image is not available

9TH JAN 2019

SMRT taxi share x ewash

2019 has kicked off with a great start for EWash! We’re beyond honoured to be awarded a servicing contract by SMRT Taxi Share - Singapore’s first taxi sharing scheme. This is a huge milestone for EWash!

Image is not available

14th july 2018


The heat wave of the Carnival is sweeping the town! EWASH is honored to become the exclusive carwash partner and actively participates in this meaningful event!

Image is not available

28TH MARCH 2018


2018 PUB Watermark Awards Ceremony was held at the Kallang River @ Bishan-Ang Mo Kio Park on 28 March evening, Singapore.

Image is not available

30th apr 2018


Car Club, Singapore’s largest and most established Car-Sharing operator has signed with EWash on adopting its carwash services after the trial period!
Car Club and EWash have shared the similar core objectives, positioned to provide high-quality, efficient and flexible solutions to individuals and businesses as a service. Beyond that, we all aim to work towards a CSR initiative and a greener environment!

Image is not available

3rd apr 2018


It’s the end of the first quarter of the year 2018 and EWash is providing professional staff training to upgrade our employees. The Stakeholder Service Excellence workshop is an exclusive programme for our middle management level staff.

Image is not available

13th july 2017


EWash has once again shown its commitment and delivered high-quality car wash service to Lion City Rentals (LCR)!

LCR, the preferred choice for all ride-hailing driver-partners, has engaged EWash for refreshing the look of its wonderful vehicles! Being a dynamic company that has grown leaps and bounds, LCR extremely emphasised on efficiency and is equipped to go further with EWash being a dedicated car wash service partner.

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Most frequent questions and answers


We provide unbeatable convenience and premium car care with our app, reducing the time spent on setting up an appointment and waiting for a wash at a petrol kiosk. Use your spare time for your loved ones and important activities. Why do we stand out from your average car wash company? We are a carwash company that provide services to your doorstep. Our leading-edge waterless cleaning solution saves plenty of water.
Aside from the sleek shine you will see on your vehicle, you will receive a notification on your App
Yes, each package is applicable to only one vehicle. For every extra vehicle, please sign up for an additional package

product & services

Cleaning of vehicle’s external body followed by its rims and a complementary tire shine
EWash’s waterless solution is eco-friendly, biodegradable and non-toxic. It leaves your vehicle with a waxy finish, glossy shine and a protective coating. Please refer to our waterless cleaning section for more info
No, our products will not scratch your vehicle’s finish. Our products help to lift the dirt from the vehicle’s finish. A layer of polymer will remain on the vehicle’s body after we wipe away the contaminants, leaving a waxy finish.
No, we ensure that each vehicle is cleaned with a new clean set of cloth. We use different a microfiber cloth for car body, car window and car rim
Yes, we provide one time services as well as packages, you can optimise your needs with our wide range of services in EWash app

missed appointments or bad weather

As mentioned in our T&Cs, your vehicle must be parked within your estate’s allocated lots between 2100hrs and 0000hrs for service to be conducted that day. Hence no refunds would be made if your car is not there. Depending on the case, we can bring forward unused washes, but we have to review your situation beforehand. Call us at: 93985058 if you have any enquiries about our services
The effectiveness of our cleaning will not be affected as we will dry your vehicle with a clean microfiber cloth before we start cleaning.
Please ensure that your vehicle is parked in its sheltered carpark for the wash to be conducted that day. If your vehicle was parked in an unsheltered carpark and the weather was not suitable for a wash to be conducted, we would refund the remaining credits to you

payment modes

We accept credit card online payment and Bank Transfer.
1. Select your desired package and proceed to the checkout. 2. Key in your credit card no., full name, expiry date (Format: MMYY) and your CVV. 3. Upon successful payment, a payment record would be generated in your APP, and you will be able to choose the desired dates for your services.
All card payments are managed by PayPal: a reputable third-party payment gateway. They adhere to the strictest international online security protocol and no card information is stored or shared with us.
1. Please input your vehicle number as Initial and make payment to EWash Pte Ltd’s Current Account: DBS 003-939621-0 . 2. Email us your receipt/transaction number to support@ewashsg.com. Once processed, your mobile application should update within a day.

contact us

(+65) 9398 5058

Address: 10 Bukit Batok Cres, The Spire Building #13-02, City Singapore 658079 

Email: support@ewashsg.com